1. How can I redeem Frasers Carpark$?
You can redeem Carpark$ via your Frasers Experience (FRx) App using your Frasers Points. 

10 Frasers Points = $0.05 Carpark$.

2. What can I do with any Frasers Carpark$ that I do not finish utilising?
Converted Carpark$ cannot be refunded, exchanged nor converted back to Frasers Points.
3. How do I check the balance of my Frasers Carpark$?
You can check your Carpark$ balance via your e-wallet in the FRx App.
4. How do I update/change the IU number?
You can update or change your IU number via the FRx App under e-wallet or obtain assistance from the Customer Service Counter at our malls. 
5. How many IU numbers can each member save in the FRx App?
Each member can add one IU number in their FRx app at any one time.
6. Are Frasers Carpark$ transferrable?
Carpark$ are not transferrable.
7. I hold season parking at a mall of Frasers Property. Can I still use Frasers Carpark$?
Utilisation of Carpark$ will not be applicable for IU numbers that have been registered for season parking.
8. Can I extend the usage period of the Frasers Carpark$?
The validity of Carpark$ is 01 October of current year to 30 September of the following year. All redeemed Carpark$ should be used by the end of the current redemption year. A 3-month extension to 31 December is permitted at the end of each redemption year.
For example:
If you redeemed your Carpark$ in May of this year, it will be valid until December of the same year.
If you redeemed your Carpark$ in November of this year, it will be valid until December of the following year.
9. Can I combine the usage of the redeemed Frasers Carpark$ with X-hour of complimentary carpark coupon issued by a mall of Frasers Property?
Usage of Carpark$ cannot be combined with the usage of complimentary carpark coupon. 
10. The carpark system is out of service. What will happen to my Frasers Carpark$?
In such event, the Carpark$ will not be used and all parking charges will be deducted from your Cashcard.
11. I own more than one vehicle. Can I add more than one IU number in my e-wallet?
You can only have one IU number in your e-wallet and can make changes to the IU numbers as desired. 
12. My spouse would like to save the same IU number in her e-wallet so as to utilize the Carpark$. Is that possible?
The IU number is unique to each member. If your spouse wishes to save the same IU number in their e-wallet, you would first have to remove it from your e-wallet before it can be saved by the other party.
13. I do not wish to utilize my Carpark$ yet. How can I prevent my Carpark$ from being deducted at the point of exit from the mall?
You would have to remove the IU number from your e-wallet at least 15 minutes before exiting the car park to prevent deduction.
14. I have forgotten to redeem my Frasers Points for Carpark$ and have exited the car park and paid the parking charges. Can I make a request to redeem my Frasers Points and have my parking charges credited back to me?
Retrospective redemption of Carpark$ will not be allowed. Please convert your Frasers Points to Carpark$ at least 15 minutes before exiting the carpark.