Phat Burger Bro
Phat Burger Bro
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Valley Point #01-17
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9385 1935
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10am to 10pm (Mon - Fri)
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"What does PHAT exactly mean?” A common question asked by many Singaporean customers. The word Phat is actually an American slang, which means something great or awesome and used often to describe something that is cool or hip, like "that's a Phat new car!" And bro. is short for brother because here at Phat Burger Bro., we treat all our customers with warmth & sincerity like family. Our concept is simple: Incredibly good, crafted burgers, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, made with premium quality fresh ingredients, prepared in-house by your bro's. Phat Burger Bro.'s aim is to redefine the way people experience fast food dining. Just one meal with us and we will definitely make you leave our restaurant, thinking "that was a Phat experience."