Country Brot by Four Leaves
Country Brot by Four Leaves
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Waterway Point West Wing, #B2-31
Country Brot by Four Leaves is also located at Northpoint City.
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6385 8863
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9am to 10pm

Established since 1981, Four Leaves has developed into one of the leading chain bakery in Singapore.

We are committed to providing innovative and quality bakery products to our customers, so it has always been our policy to bring in Japanese technical advisors to constantly create new products, and implement stringent quality control.

Walk into any Four Leaves bakery and you will be welcomed by the aroma of the freshly baked products, as well as getting spoilt for choice due to the wide variety that we offer.

Each and every one of our products is handmade by our bakers using the finest ingredients, displaying our PASSION for good baking. A good CHOICE of bakery products awaits you as you step into our bakery. With our wealth of experience and a firmly established reputation, you can TRUST us to bring you our best! Four Leaves… It's all about PASSION, CHOICE & TRUST.