So Pho
So Pho
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Waterway Point East Wing, #01-28
So Pho is also located at Northpoint City.
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6385 8378
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11am - 10pm

More people are exposed to Vietnamese culture and its healthy delicious cuisine. To feed the demand for healthier Vietnamese cuisine, So Phô was opened in the middle of 2013.

At So Phô, Popular Vietnamese Street Food are offered in a casual and contemporary setting at a value-for-money prices. Experience the Vietnamese traditional way of eating and sharing by wrapping your favourite Summer Rolls, and capture the essence of Vietnamese dining with a selection of delicious Vietnamese appetizers like the Imperial Summer Roll, Sesame Rice Crackers served with Basil Leaves Chicken, Mango and Papaya Salad with Crispy White Bait and so on. Continue to be delighted with Vietnamese Specialities include Banh Xeo, a Vietnamese Pancake with minced meat and seafood (In Hue central Vietnam, there is a small variant of this pancake called banh khoai "Happy Pancake"), Cha Ca La Vong which is Hanoi Famous Hotplate Fish Fillet with Lemongrass and Dill served with "Bun" Rice Vermicelli (There is a street name after it. A visit to Hanoi is not complete without having tasted Cha Ca La Vong).

Not to forget the traditional Vietnamese Pho Noodle Soup, it is delightfully tasty and nutritious. The noodle soup is scented with cinnamon star anis, ginger and wonderful healing spices. What's more? Get excited with the intricately flavored Vietnamese Bun noodle that is drizzled with lively sauce, its contrasting tastes and textures are ready to capture your heart. Other delights to be explored are the refreshing Vietnamese Baguette (Banh Mi), mouth-watering Fried Noodles, comforting Rice selections, simmering Hotpot, Desserts and Drinks to relieve your tangling taste buds.

Fresh ingredients are chosen to give the food its authenticity. The friendly service staff and relaxing settings are ready to enhance your whole dining experience. We are passionate about sharing the most original delicacies with Vietnamese food lovers; YOU!