Japan IPL Express
Japan IPL Express
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Waterway Point West Wing, #B1-05
Japan IPL Express is also located at Century Square & Northpoint City.
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10.30am - 9pm

Japan IPL Express was founded in 2013 on a principle that customers deserve affordable, no fuss & no frills beauty services. Information overload and pushy sales tactics are yesterday’s practices. At Japan IPL Express, we want to assure customers that they will get quality hair removal service at an affordable price. We empower customers by allowing them to be part of the decision making process by our “No Package, No Appointment” rule.

Customers are given the full freedom and flexibility to get their IPL treatment done on any desired area, anytime when they are free and at any outlet. This has thus eliminated any unnecessary hassles or concerns of the need to reschedule or any package issues.