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Northpoint City South Wing,
BolotreeSG is also located at Waterway Point.
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6258 2518
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BolotreeSG hopes that the brand philosophy of “Technology will never replace the company” can reach every family, offering every child more time staying with their parents whilst playing high-quality toys. BolotreeSG has been trying hard to create the playability, expansibility and interactivity of its products. Based on British EYES early childhood education system and Gardner's Multiple Intelligence, BolotreeSG has developed a concept of "8Core"(Early Development of Eight Core Competitive Advantages) and established a product system and curriculum suitable for the continuous development and learning of children. The eight majors’ modules that interconnect with each other are made up of well-designed and challenging products covering children’s interests and demands in all fields. We encourage children to learn while playing and play while learning, thereby exploring the world naturally and enjoyably.