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Who are we?

Unice is a young brand with the aim of creating novel and refreshing cold desserts and beverages with a twist for all to enjoy.
Unice's unique ice, as nice as you.

What do we do?

Unice's product lineup includes:

1. Korean Bingsu
Korean Bingsu at its finest
With the latest machinery, we are able to produce extremely delicate and fine shavings which can replicate the consistency, texture and taste of the authentic Korean Bingsu. The freshesh ingredients are selected to provide the purest tasting Bingsu for all to enjoy. Dry ice is also provided to prevent the fine milk shavings from melting quickly, with the added effect of "Dragon's Breath".

2. Fruit Tea Slush
Inspired by the 12 constellations, our Fruit Tea Slush series is designed specially to accomodate the many flavour and characteristic of each constallation. Each constallation is brewed with different high quality tea and infused with fresh fruits, making it an ideal beverage for all. In line with Unice's unique ice philosophy, a simple tap of the bottle can turn the Fruit Tea from liquid to semi-solid beverage - the perfect slush for a hot day.