5 Ways to Re-Energise During the Workweek

 Rebooting your energy level is essential to performing well in your career.

The afternoon energy slump is a common experience no matter where you’re working from. You might feel it on a Tuesday afternoon when you have a presentation to cap off your day, or on a Friday when you're struggling to make it through the last few hours of your workweek. 

With our busy schedules, it’s no surprise that many of us continuously plough through our days and weeks — without giving ourselves enough breaks and rest — causing us to lose our mojo. 
Fortunately, starting off your day right and incorporating healthy behaviours throughout the week can defend against energy crashes and break the monotony. Check out these five ways to have more energy, less burnout, and more success at work. 
1. Start your day with a workout
 Instead of coffee, you might be better off with a dose of morning exercise.
Never underestimate the power of a good workout! Did you know that setting aside time for a quick 30-minute exercise session regularly can help to boost your energy, and reduce fatigue? The unleashing of happy hormones (aka endorphins) as you sweat away will keep you active, and in a good mood to get through your busy schedule.
If you’re just starting out in becoming a morning exerciser and are not an early riser, here are some tips to help you along. If you’re pressed for time, try a 15-minute routine instead. As much as possible, adjust your sleeping patterns to ensure that you’re getting sufficient sleep at night so that it makes your workout more effective. 
Lastly, encourage your spouse, parent, sibling or even neighbour to begin this journey with you — it works wonders in staying motivated when you have someone to exercise with daily.
2. Try the Stimulating Breath technique
 Find your zen at work through mindful breathing.
We’re huge believers of breathing practices as it’s one of the simplest ways to calm down and energise. In particular, the Stimulating Breath technique focuses on raising vital energy and increasing alertness.
Here’s how you can try it out! Keeping your mouth closed, start by inhaling and exhaling rapidly through your nose. You should aim for a couple of inhales and exhales every second if you can. Do this for 15 seconds followed by relaxing and breathing normally for a minute before repeating. 
Once you get the hang of it, continue for up to 5 repetitions and that should only take you a total of five to seven minutes. Additionally, establishing a consistent breathing exercise like this can also help to lower blood pressure, heart rate, and the possibility of a meltdown.
3. Get up from your desk
 Five-minute walks are just as good for you as long ones.
It’s no secret — taking walking breaks is good for your mind. In fact, studies have shown that taking sporadic timeouts helps to restore energy, improve concentration, and fuel productivity. But did you know that even short little walks can be good for your physical health too?
If you find it hard to set aside a chunk of time, that doesn’t mean you can’t reap any of the benefits from regular physical activity. You just have to find small pockets of opportunity to move throughout the day. That seems a little more manageable, right? It’s also good because sitting for prolonged periods of time just really isn’t good for you.
So, go on. Get moving. Choose the stairs instead of the elevator. Surfing the internet because you’re bored? Go outside and walk instead for five minutes. Have a few minutes between your back-to-back meetings? Take a trip to the mailbox or walk back and forth to the kitchen. If you’re really feeling ambitious, make one of your meetings a walking one.
4. Build stronger working relationships
 Positive social interactions with your colleagues (even if it’s over Zoom) can have a tremendous impact on your energy.
Whether it’s surprising your colleagues with some yummy tea-time snacks or just sharing jokes for a good laugh, it’s these little things that liven up the mood. The best part is that this is also applicable even if you’re working from home — just swap out the physical kind acts for your colleagues with digital ones — like surprising them with a gift card or even a coffee delivery!
If these seem too much to take on given your tight schedules and remote work arrangements, then make it a point to switch on your camera and spread smiles whenever you get the chance to ‘meet’ your colleagues on the screen!
Try organising an online team lunch, birthday celebrations and bonding sessions by playing games, all in the comfort of your own home. Remember, it has become increasingly important to check in on one another given the change in working environments. After all, they may be feeling the same way as you. In doing so, you’ll automatically feel great for making someone’s day and helping them feel better. So trust us, it pays to be nice and to constantly have some downtime with your co-workers! 
5. Reflect on your accomplishments
 Sometimes, it’s about giving yourself a little pat on the back to get back on track.
Feeling bogged down by challenging projects or demanding results? Don’t fret! The only way to lift your spirits is to focus on your own successes, value, and achievements to realise how far you’ve come. 
As a matter of fact, expert surveys have revealed that reflecting on your wins does make a huge difference in mitigating the energy-depleting process during the day. So the next time you find yourself slipping down that slippery slope, remind yourself of what you’re most proud of in your career and the bright future that awaits you! 
And there you have it, five easily fruitful ways to sustain and reboot your energy during the workweek. Be sure to start incorporating these good habits into your life, to experience a renewed sense of well-being and empowerment.