Bounce Your Way To Better Health With BBOUNCE

As we get older, gone are the days when you can eat almost anything and gain little to no weight. But it’s inevitable that our metabolism deteriorates which is why exercising is important. 
As someone who doesn’t exercise regularly, I was looking for a workout that was fun and not too intense. So when I saw that BBOUNCE Studio at The Centrepoint had classes where you jump on mini trampolines, called rebounders, to the beat of pop music hits, I was thrilled! 
Here's a quick summary of what rebounding is all about. 
After all, does jumping up and down a trampoline sound like a workout to you? If anything, it sounds like a whole lot of fun. I thought to myself, “How hard can it be?” I signed up for a hybrid rebounding class and as it turns out, you do get a solid workout from just a 50-minute session! But before I get into how the rebounding session went, here’s a quick introduction of what rebounding is all about. 

What is rebounding? 

Rebounding is a type of low-impact exercise usually performed on a device known as a rebounder – sometimes called a mini-trampoline. And BBOUNCE Studio is the first to introduce this workout in Singapore. 
Weights are used during hybrid rebounding sessions as well.
What’s so special about them is that they offer hybrid rebounding classes, which is a unique form of exercise that combines several different movements and exercises while incorporating the use of a trampoline. Not only is rebounding a form of cardio, it’s a strength training exercise as well! 

Is it effective? 

Of course! Who would have thought that jumping up and down rebounders can give you a full body workout. When you first step on the rebounder, you have this strong urge to grab the handles in front of you. 
While you might feel a little unstable at first, here’s a little trick I found that helps me maintain my balance. Instead of using your toes to push yourself off the rebounder, use your heels instead. I find that this helps to lower my centre of gravity, making it easier to find my balance. This will also ensure that there’s minimal strain on your knees, which makes rebounding perfect for those with weak knees. 
A hybrid rebounding session also incorporates strength training!
The first 15 minutes of the session weren’t too bad. But as we moved on further into the session, things got more intense. I could feel my heart racing and my thighs burning. Mid-way through the session, we did some exercises off the rebounder and also managed to fit in some strength training with the use of weights. By the end of the session, all of us were panting and sweating, even the regulars. All in all, it was a great workout! 

Why should you pick up rebounding? 

After the session, I caught up with assistant head trainer, Stephanie Wong, to learn more about the benefits of rebounding. 
1. How does rebounding work out the body? 
Rebounding doesn’t only work out your legs but your entire body. You need your core to balance, your legs to push and your arms will also come in, especially when you do all the strength-movement exercises. It doesn’t only target one particular muscle group but your whole body. The session can get pretty intense too so it’s a well-rounded full-body workout. 
2. What are some benefits of rebounding? 
Raise your knees higher for a more intense workout.
Rebounding is a very good way to get fit and shed calories. The higher you raise your knees, the more intense it gets. It’s also 2 times more effective than running in terms of calories burnt. There have also been some studies done which show that vertical movements have some effects on the lymphatic system, thereby leading to a full body detox. 
3. Who should pick up rebounding? 
Rebounding is for everyone. It’s super low-impact. Even if you have any joint or worn-out knee issues, you can bounce. We even have participants who are more senior as well, and they can bounce really well. With the right technique, rebounding is a very low-impact exercise. 
The proper way to bounce is to bend your knees and push with your heels rather than trying to jump. Jumping happens when you use your toes. But here, you’re bouncing. You’re pushing against the skin of the rebounder and it pushes you back. So there’s less strain on your knees. 
It’s also an effective and fun workout. Not only do you get to exercise to music but there’s also a community of members as well. When people first join us, they might feel a bit shy. But along, the way, they make friends with other members and the trainers as well.  
4. What other classes does BBOUNCE Studio offer? 
BBOUNCE also offers boxing classes.
For Hybrid Rebounding, we have Level 1 for beginners and Level 2 for those who are more experienced. We also have a Lite class where you workout for a full 50 minutes just on the rebounder. For this, there’s less focus on strength exercises and more on cardio. Other rebounding classes include BBOUNCE Box and BBOUNCE core, which are more intense and for experienced members. 
We also offer boxing classes, circuit training and flex class where you do strength-based movements to a tempo. 
5. What can people expect to get out of a rebounding session? 
At the end of the session we want people to know that they pushed really hard and gave their best. Even for seasoned members, they feedback that every workout is equally intense. It’s all about pushing your limit. The better you are, the higher your limit and you have to push through that in order to break through. 

Final thoughts

From left: Assistant head trainer of BBOUNCE Studio, Stephanie, and I.
Overall, I really enjoyed the Hybrid Rebounding session at BBOUNCE Studio. As someone who doesn’t enjoy running, rebounding is great as an alternative form of cardio. And I wasn’t the only one who felt that the workout was intense. When I spoke to some newcomers who exercised regularly, they said that they were really impressed at how intense a 50-minute session can get. 
If you’re excited to try rebounding for yourself, BBOUNCE Studio is offering first timers a special rate of $55 for 4 lessons. You can share the lessons amongst your friends too which makes it super affordable!
BBOUNCE Studio is located at The Centrepoint