Your Ultimate Picnic Guide This June School Holdiay 

Make beautiful memories with your family during the school holidays!
Dear parents, school holidays have started and if travelling is out of the question or you haven’t thought of what to do this holiday, fret not! We've got you the ultimate picnic for an energising day out for the whole family. 
A weekend picnic is not just a refreshing bonding activity for you and your little ones. It can also inspire your kids to enjoy and appreciate the great outdoors! In fact, according to Harvard Medical School, spending a sunny day out can boost Vitamin D in the body and improve one’s mood. The same article also reports that children can be two times more active outdoors as compared to when they are indoors. So, put those smart phones away and let’s get packing!

Step One: Pick a destination

For a small city like Singapore, there’s an impressive range of scenic picnic spots all over the island. Top of the list would definitely be UNESCO Heritage Site, Botanic Gardens. With a number of magnificent fern-covered trees and colonial-style gazebos there, finding a shady area is no issue. 
Other incredible locations include Marina Barrage’s rooftop where you can enjoy epic sea views on one side and the city’s iconic skyline on the other. It’s also an ideal location for kite-flying and cycling.
For a place more adventurous, check out the island’s tallest pedestrian bridge called Henderson Waves. This elegant wooden bridge has striking wave-like architecture with built-in wooden canopies for gatherings. It’s worth hiking along the Southern ridges in the morning and ending off with a celebratory picnic almost 13 whole stories above ground!
Gardening enthusiasts will absolutely love the themed gardens in Hort Park. They hold various gardening activities throughout the month. So time your picnic with one of these activities for some added fun with the family!

Step Two: Make planning fun!

Stay organised and create a checklist!
Planning a picnic could be stress-free with this list of helpful tips:
Start first thing in the morning.  If you can, start early so you can grab the best spots and enjoy the cool morning weather. Aim to start around 8am so you’ll have at least 3 hours before the scorching noon sun hits! 
  • ‘Chope’ the right spot. Pick a spot that has these four factors: Shade, Breeze, Views and Space. At Botanic Gardens, try the Swan Lake Gazebo where you can watch lovely white swans swim gracefully by, or Palm Valley that has a large grassy area for a game of Frisbee.  
  • Have a wet weather plan: Make sure that you will be able to find cover nearby if it rains. Luckily, our favourite destinations have sheltered seating areas, toilet facilities or even a mall just a stone’s throw away. 
  • Delegate the hard stuff: Make it a bigger family affair and split the work! Delegate drinks and cutlery, or even better, make it a potluck where everyone brings their own dish. Doesn't this sound a lot more fun for a lot less work? 
  • Create a checklist: Making a checklist before packing helps to keep your planning organised and make sure you don’t forget the essentials.  
Now, check off your packing list below!

Step Three: Have all your essentials ready 

These must-haves will ensure that your picnic runs smoothly!
  • Portable Speaker: Nothing can amp up the atmosphere like a good playlist filled with guilty pleasures, especially when playing games. Make sure you bring a portable speaker so your little ones can dance along to Baby Shark, or you can hum along to your favourite Top 40s. If you don’t already own one, grab them from Challenger or Gadget Mix. 
Gadget Mix is located at Causeway Point and Northpoint City, North Wing
From Metro
  • Herschel Weekender: Picnic baskets are cute but may not be as handy to carry around. So, check out this chic picnic bag that’s perfect for carrying all sorts of small and large items. Remember, pack heavy or bulky items at the bottom, and small fragile items on top.
  • Wet Wipes: You never know how far the restrooms are from your picnic spot, so these will come in handy to help the children clean up before and after eating. 
  • Mosquito Repellent and Sunblock: You sure don’t want ‘souvenirs’ from your day out such as insect bites or peeling noses. So, be sure to keep the bugs away and stay protected from the sun’s UV rays!
Metro is located at Causeway Point and The Centrepoint
From Daiso
  • Blanket and Picnic Mat: Bring a pretty towel or blanket to sit on and prevent it from getting wet by placing a mat underneath.
  • Patterned and eco-friendly napkins, cups and plates: It’s all in the details. Placed around the picnic blanket, affordable and recyclable cutlery make the picnic fun and lively!
  • Kitchen Towel, zip lock bags and trash bag: These essentials make packing up clean and efficient!

Step Four: Pack in the fun


Your picnic will be full of fun and laughter with these games!
Games can encourage active play, team work and challenge the mind all at the same time! Plus, when played outdoors, classic games are always more creative and enjoyable.
  • Twister (from Metro): Meant for the whole family, this game is all about twisting your bodies to get your hands and feet on the coloured dots of the Twister mat! A “referee” usually rolls the dice to decides which dots those limbs have to touch. See who the last man standing is, and get ready to become completely entangled on the way! The best part is, you could also double up the Twister mat as a picnic mat!
Metro is located at Causeway Point and The Centrepoint
  • Bring a frisbee or ball: There’s nothing like a good sweat to feel refreshed. Plan in a friendly game of frisbee, soccer or even volleyball, and you’ll be panting and rolling in the grass like a kid in minutes! For a relaxing game of Catch with the little ones, grab plastic baseballs from Daiso. You could even invent a completely new sport with the kids! 
From Toys”R”Us
  • Monopoly grab & go (from Toys“R”Us): Get your kids engrossed in a good old game of Monopoly. This portable edition is great for travel and playing outdoors! Who knew that strategising, “earning” money and spending it on bungalows could be so exhilarating? And since you’re outdoors, spice up classic Monopoly rules by adding active penalties such as performing jumping jacks to get out of jail.
  • Connect 4 Shots (from Toys“R”Us): A fast-paced game of skill and smarts, this game is actually based on tic-tac-toe. Be the first to create a row of four same-colour balls by bouncing the balls into the slots. To make Connect 4 Shots more heart-racing, use a timer with a countdown clock. It’s not as easy as it looks!


Toys“R”Us is located at Waterway Point.


Step 5: Accessorize

Pack some accessories and snap lots of photos for those insta-worthy moments. 
Make sure everyone in the family looks fab for the Insta-worthy moments! 
  • Boy’s Straw Hat: Light and summery, make sure your little ones have solid sun-protection and look super stylish at the same time!
  • Girl’s Unicorn Sunglasses: Trending on the shelves lately are aviator sunnies with rainbow lenses. A magical pair like these will definitely be her new favourite accessory!
  • Slip-on Leather Sandals: If you need something effortlessly elegant, try on these flattering leather sandals. Besides looking super chic, they’re also easy to slip on and off, especially when you get on and off the picnic mat. You’ll want to wear them for all your upcoming beach holidays! 
Accessories available at H&M stores and online at
H&M is located at Waterway Point

Step 6: Don’t forget to pack along a nutritious picnic spread 

Here’s a useful checklist for a filling, delicious and easy-to-eat lunch!
A classic sandwich has a wholesome nutritional value, with carbs, meat and vegetables. 
  • Snacks: The kids will start getting peckish after a round of games, so prepare healthy munchies to fill everyone up.

    Prepare baby carrots and celery sticks with peanut butter or a hummus dip; mixed nuts, yogurt; or dried fruits like raisins, figs and dates. Fresh fruits such as blueberries, grapes, apples and pears are also convenient to eat when they are washed and stored in containers beforehand. 
From Metro
  • Millennium Collection Lunch Box Set with Utensils: Make sandwiches for something light and refreshing. Ingredients you will need include whole-grain bread, meat such as sausages of canned tuna, lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Whip up a salad too, if you have other fresh ingredients! To store them, go eco-friendly and pack them into the Millennium lunch box that also comes with its own set of utensils. 
  • Hydro Flask: Make water your priority. All that running around will get you thirsty quick! Use this double-wall vacuumed thermos to keep home-made teas hot, and adult cocktails extra cold! For a simple recipe, fill these bottles with water, add sliced cucumber, mint and lemon, and chill them overnight. You’ll be so grateful to have cold fruit-infused water to quench your thirst all day!
Metro is located at Causeway Point and The Centrepoint.

Fun Additions

Infant Playshade (from Toys“R”Us):
Babies get priority!
If you’ve got really little ones, you might want to get this for your babies or toddlers to keep them cool and comfortable while they play or nap during the picnic. It’ll come in handy at other times too, if your family often plans outdoor outings.
Toys“R”Us is located at Waterway Point
Instant-Print Camera 
Good times with the family are memories you’d keep for life.
Sometimes, the standard mobile phone selfies don’t feel special enough for memories like this. So, shoot all the fun on an instant-print camera and get pocket-sized photos on the spot – your kids will definitely love watching the photos develop right before their eyes. You can find these cameras at Courts, Click! or M S Color.
Courts is located at Causeway Point and Eastpoint Mall
Click! is located at The Centrepoint
M S Color is located at Causeway Point
All this preparation will be worth every bit when you watch your kids having a blast, fall in love with nature and start asking for more picnics. And, as the saying goes, a family that plays together, stays together. Happy June school holidays!