Must-watch Movies in 2019 

It’s just February, but the big screens are already heating up for an exciting run this year. From feisty female heroes to fantastical fairytale remakes, majestic beats and a critically acclaimed home-grown film, get set for a whirlwind of thrill, action and wonder! Hang tight to your seats as you catch a sneak peek of these exciting movies in 2019!

1. A Land Imagined 

While our sunny little island set the backdrop for Hollywood’s glitzy Crazy Rich Asians last year, local writer-director Yeo Siew Hua was also busy putting Singapore on the map. For A Land Imagined, Yeo became the first Singaporean to clinch the prestigious Golden Leopard award at Locarno Film Festival. It tells the story of migrant worker Wang, who starts visiting a cybercafé while suffering from insomnia after getting injured at a land reclamation worksite. When Wang disappears suddenly, policeman Lok investigates deeper into the site, and the story unravels into a dark mystery. Through Yeo’s thoughtful lens, the film touches on the graver side of our quickly developing city with an arthouse slant. 

Catch A Land Imagined at Cathay Cineplexes from 21 Feb 2019. 

Cathay Cineplexes is located at Causeway Point.

2. Wonder Park 

Take a wild ride back to your childhood with this super fun action animation. The story starts with a wide-eyed little girl June, who creates her own mini amusement park at home. When June grows up, she loses her sense of imagination and takes down the fantastical rides she created before. However, one day, June goes into the woods and stumbles upon the Wonderland she once imagined.  June then teams up with the park characters to save Wonderland before it is lost forever. Newcomer Brianna Denski voices along with veterans Matthew Broderick and Jennifer Garner. Don’t forget to bring the kids along for this exciting adventure! 
Catch Wonder Park at Shaw Theatres in Mar 2019. 

Shaw Theatres is located at Waterway Point

3. Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel 

After being blown away by DC Comics’ Wonder Woman on the big screens a few years back, this year, we get to meet Captain Marvel. Played by Oscar-winning Brie Larson, Captain Marvel is the first female protagonist to helm her own Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Captain Marvel is out to set things right when the Earth is caught between a galactic conflict of two alien worlds. The story is set in 1995, so look forward to #throwback aesthetics like the film’s 90s-inspired promotional website.
Catch Captain Marvel at Cathay Cineplexes from 7 Mar 2019. 

4. Disney’s Dumbo 

Two words: Tim Burton. To say that we’re excited for his remake of the classic children’s story would be an understatement. In Burton’s version, we follow the adventures of the floppy-eared flying elephant in live-action. Expect circus magic in vivid visuals from start to end, with an uplifting tale about courage at its heart. 
Catch Dumbo at Cathay Cineplexes from 28 Mar 2019. 

5. Pet Sematary 

If you get a kick out of solid thrills and scares, then this is the flick for you. The latest film adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel has even got the author’s stamp of approval. King recently “warned” audiences on Twitter that “this is a really scary movie”. The story starts with a doctor moving his family to a big house in the woods. Their new home is near a pet cemetery that rests on an ancient burial ground. The horror unfolds when the doctor’s daughter dies in a car accident and he takes her body to the cemetery. 

Its bone-chilling trailer has also kept us at the edge of our seats: 
Catch Pet Sematary at Cathay Cineplexes from 4 Apr 2019. 

6. Misteri Dilaila

For horror closer to home, check out Misteri Dilaila, a Malaysian production that packs a ton of entertaining thrills. Jefri and his wife Dilaila take a trip to Dilaila’s family home in Fraser’s Hill in Pahang, Malaysia. The house is beautiful but full of spooky vibes and one morning, Jefri wakes up to find his wife missing. A series of disturbing events ensue as another woman appears and claims to be his wife. 
Catch Misteri Dilaila exclusively at Cathay Cineplexes Causeway Point from 21 Feb 2019.

*Available with English subtitles. 

7. Marvel Studios’ Avengers: End Game

Picking up from the epic destruction by Thanos in last year’s Infinity War, all’s not lost in the Marvel Universe. Would the remaining band of heroes – Captain America, Iron Man, Black Widow and Bruce Banner manage to bring back their vanquished allies and defeat the evil Thanos?  

The trailer isn’t dropping many hints, so you’ll have to watch it to find out: 

Catch Avengers: End Game at Cathay Cineplexes from 24 Apr 2019.

8. Detective Pikachu

Pokémon! Gotta catch em’ all – especially this movie! Detective Pikachu promises a ton of laughs and action-filled moments, with the charming Ryan Reynolds voicing everyone’s favourite Pocket Monster. Here, he is fluffy and adorable with an edgy attitude to boot. Pikachu teams up with Tim Goodman, the son of a former Pokémon Trainer. The pair go on a mission to find Tim’s missing father while discovering a devious plot that could harm the Pokémon universe.
Catch Detective Pikachu at Cathay Cineplexes from 9 May 2019. 

9. Disney’s Aladdin 

Disney’s live-action remake of their 1992 animation film is set to be a spell-binding journey. Look forward to breath-taking shots filled with colour, exciting sequences and musical numbers rolled into one magic carpet ride. Plus, a buff and blue Will Smith plays the genie in this movie – who’s as curious as we are to see how this will pan out? 
Catch Aladdin at Cathay Cineplexes from 23 May 2019.

10. Godzilla: King of Monsters

If a mighty Godzilla battling other god-sized monsters isn’t enough to hook you, then perhaps seeing Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things fame on the big screen might. Quite like Eleven, Brown plays the fearless lead next to the titular beast. Godzilla collides with three ancient super-species Mothra, Rodan and the three-headed King Ghidorah, which threaten the human race when they rise again. 

Catch Godzilla: King of Monsters at Cathay Cineplexes from 30 May 2019.

11. X-Men: Dark Phoenix  

The latest installment of the X-Men film series zeroes in on the powerful, flaming redhead, Jean Grey. When Jean is nearly killed after being hit by a mysterious cosmic force, she becomes infinitely more powerful but far more unstable. The rest of the X-Men have to work together to save Jean and prevent the Earth from being destroyed by this evil force. Along with X-Men regulars James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Fassbender, the striking Sophie Turner from Game of Thrones joins the cast as Jean Grey. 

Catch Dark Phoenix at Cathay Cineplexes from 6 Jun 2019.

12. Disney’s The Lion King 

Harnessing ground-breaking technology, Disney’s latest photorealist animation (the previous being Jungle Book), looks set to be a magnificent hit. Through stunning visual effects, the animals have a life-like quality with soulful expressions, giving a fresh take to this beloved coming-of-age tale. Don’t miss the enchanting animal kingdom coming to life this year. 

Catch Lion King at Cathay Cineplexes from 18 June 2019.

13. Disney•Pixar's Toy Story 4 

It’s been 9 years since Toy Story 3, so what could our favourite talking toys be up to this time? If you grew up with Woody, Buzz Lightyear and gang since the first Toy Story in 1995, then following the toys’ journey to this latest installment would be a special experience. As the ever-exuberant and loyal toys go on a road-trip with old and new friends, catch plenty of action riddled with humour and heartwarming moments. 

Disney Pixar seems determined not to give anything away in their teaser trailer, which only shows a dreamy but slightly unsettling sequence. We are however, introduced to a new toy – a reluctant spork called Forky. 

Catch Toy Story 4 at Cathay Cineplexes from 20 June 2019.

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