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Waterway Point West Wing, #B2-25
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10.30am to 10pm

Hair Club takes pride in the provision of a quality and affordable hair cutting service to everyone. Men, women, the young and old - your entire family, are all valued customers.

Our philosophy is simple. We make cutting hair our absolute specialty and we aim to make your experience at any one of our salons, comfortable and convenient, whilst ensuring you get value for your money.

Every one of our skilled stylists is trained to listen and be attentive to your needs to ensure the style you want is the style you get! We provide great value-for-money service by focusing on the hair cut and the style you desire without the frills of shampooing or blow-drying. It may be a simple trim or a stylish new hairdo, our team of well-trained stylists will strive to meet your needs through excellent customer service and using only hygienic tools and equipment.

Best of all - rest assured that regardless of the style you desire or your length of hair, our price is the same!