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Lotus Sleep Studio
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Company Introduction Lotus's history is that of "continual growth and development". From the foundation in the 1980's, the family-owned company has outgrown the small workshop of five people into one of the most prominent bedding and mattress manufacturers in the world with many millions loyal customers and over thousands sale channels across the Asian continent. The company's success owes to its true passion and pride in offering the quality rest and relaxation for its esteemed patrons. Our philosophy is simple: to become the favorite mass brand for all sleep items. We believe this does not merely involve using good materials but rather the care for every minute detail for the entire process of our business from long-term relationship management with all our stakeholders, relentless research and development, continuous improvement on all aspects, and most essentially, sincerity and professionalism in after-sale services for our customers. Simply put, good products must come with good services! And the result is magical. By providing quality products at an affordable price, we remain true to our mission, while at the same time satisfying our clients' need and earning their trust. Happy shoppers, we are convinced, make more happy shoppers, as well as repeated shoppers. Just as a solid foundation is needed for a strong house, our company's future lies in the hands of our contented customers and, as such, we promise to create ever better products for your ultimate sleep experience.