M1 Exclusive Distributor (Telecoms Link)
M1 Exclusive Distributor (Telecoms Link)
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Telecoms Link is becoming your one stop online shop for gadgets. Bringing you the latest technology, we offer a wide variety of mobile phones and related products. such as Mobile back up data for all type of phones and instant hand-phone repair etc. We are also an M1 distributor and a leading full-service provider of mobile and fixed communications services to over 2 million customers in Singapore. With an emphasis on network quality, customer service, value and innovation, our mission is to link anyone and anything; anytime, anywhere. We aim to keep consumers supplied with the latest and cheapest technological trends and advances in the electronics marketplace. This ensures that all products are authentic and made with state of the art technologies. Last but not least, we offer free hand-phone charging & consultant services for all walk-in customers - No purchase is needed.