Yun Nam Hair Care
Yun Nam Hair Care
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Northpoint City South Wing,
Yun Nam Hair Care is also located at Century Square & Tiong Bahru Plaza.
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6893 3232
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10am to 9pm
(Mon to Sat)
10am to 7pm (Sun & PH)

Throughout the years, Yun Nam’s philosophy of using Chinese herbs of the highest quality to specifically target each individual’s hair and scalp problems remains unchanged. They have continuously refined their herbal formulas, using advances in modern technology to further enhance the efficacy of their treatments to ensure better absorption and longer lasting effects. From using more well-known herbs like Ginseng, Dang Gui and He Shou Wu, to lesser known but no less effective ones like Salvia, Peony Root, and Dodder Seed, no expense is spared when customizing hair treatments to help individuals regain healthy hair.