Maison Berger Paris
Maison Berger Paris
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Waterway Point East Wing, #01-K18
Maison Berger Paris is also located at Northpoint City.
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6909 2209
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10am to 10pm

Since its invention in 1898 by Maurice Berger a pharmacist, who is dedicated to the research of sanitization for the improvement of living conditions, Lampe Berger Paris has been a celebrated name in purifying and subtly fragrancing the indoor air.

The patented catalytic burner was first used to sanitize air in hospitals as well as polluted industrial environment. It is during post war industrialization where Lampe Berger is used as an air purifier as well as a decorative item in the homes of known celebrities.

With continuous efforts in research and development, Lampe Berger Paris has shaped a hundred years of history in being an artfully designed decorative item as well as Purifying and Subtly Fragrancing Our Indoor Air.