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Causeway Point #B1-K17
Stuff'd is also located at Waterway Point, Changi City Point, Northpoint City & Hougang Mall.
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10am to 10pm

Kebabs & Burritos:

Stuff'd is a fast casual kiosk chain focused on Mexican and Turkish takeaways. Serving exceptionally tasty burritos and kebabs, the food is made and prepared fresh daily, right in front of you. The made to order flow allows you to choose whichever toppings you like, and their succulent grilled chicken is remarkably tasty as it is healthy. With its energetic customer base which swears by the food, many have invented their own secret menu of their favourite food combination. Go for the chicken kebabs if you're new to Stuff'd, or if you're looking for something even more filling, go for their Burritos! For no additional cost they can go up to a huge half a kilo!

Finally, their Habanero sauce is wickedly spicy and delicious.

Burrito Bowls:

Indulge yourself without any guilt and go totally carb-free with their Burrito Bowls. Its basically the same as their Burritos, san the tortilla warp. For the health conscious, you can fill it up with superfood such as avocados, legumes, chickpeas, etc. Make it entirely vegetable based, or eat it topped with the same delicious kebab-grilled proteins, its really just up to you.

Whatever it is they taste exceptional! Succulent and indulgent foodstuff, in generous portions!!