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Kuno Method
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Power of Thinking:

3- to 6-year olds who have mastered foundational concepts, who have sharp reasoning and logical thinking skills, focused and who are ready to learn and succeed.

This is what KUNO method seeks to nurture in each and every child.

Established enrichment from Japan with more than 30 years of track record:

KUNO method is an established enrichment programme renowned for grooming well-rounded preschoolers who ace the entrance tests of the prestigious private primary schools in Japan.

Founder Mr Yasuyoshi Kuno devoted all his working life of over 44 years to early childhood education. He is a recognised expert and advises the Osaka prefecture in its education reform. He believes that children who had mastered foundational concepts and have critical reasoning and logical thinking will enjoy learning and solve problems independently.

KUNO method's large range of books and teaching materials are distributed by more than 200 bookstores throughout Japan.

Apart from Japan, the KUNO method has a strong following in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and put into curriculum in Korea.

Pre-school holistic enrichment from N1 to K2:

We offer a holistic pre-school enrichment for children from N1 to K2, covering Math, Science and Language in one programme. The curriculum and teaching method is backed by international research and refined over 30 years of teaching.

Our goal is to have children master foundational Math concepts and acquire strong reasoning skills before they enter Primary school.

To achieve this, we help children dissect Math and other foundational concepts and learn progressively. Every lesson is a fun 3-step learning journey where children are stimulated to experience the problem and discover answers, first collaboratively in a group game, then on their own. By the end of the lesson, we know that genuine leaning happens when children can complete worksheets independently and explain answers in their own words.