Cashless Made Rewarding 

Earn doubly exciting rewards every time you shop cashless! Just pay with GrabPay via the FRx app and earn these great rewards - exclusively yours at the malls of Frasers Property. 
Rewards include a $5 Digital Gift Card with a minimum spend of $30, 2x Frasers Points with a minimum spend of $10 and GrabReward points with every $1 spent!
$2 Nomi Japan Northpoint City
2it & Drink Valley Point
99 Percent Hair Studio Bedok Point
A.Track Apparels Northpoint City
YewTee Point
Adidas Outlet Changi City Point
All the Batter - Avocado & Natural Foods Anchorpoint
Angelique Boutique The Centrepoint
Anytime Fitness Northpoint City 
BabySpa Changi City Point
Northpoint City
Bali Thai Causeway Point
Waterway Point
Beauty Language Causeway Point
Eastpoint Mall
Northpoint City
YewTee Point
Bee Cheng Hiang Causeway Point
Waterway Point
Ben's Cookies Northpoint City
BenTahir Northpoint City
Best Denki Waterway Point
Better Vision Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Waterway Point
Bionn The Centrepoint
BlackBall Northpoint City
BolotreeSG Northpoint City
Box Boss Northpoint City
Bright Optique YewTee Point
Buddy Hoagies Eastpoint Mall
Buddy Hoagies Cafe & Grill Waterway Point
Capitol Optical Changi City Point
Northpoint City
Cedele Changi City Point
rasers Tower
aterway Point
Central Hong Kong Café Northpoint City
Chargrill Western Northpoint City
Chateraise Causeway Point 
Chicken Hotpot Bedok Point
Chomel Northpoint City 
Choc Spot Eastpoint Mall
Click! The Centrepoint
Collin's Northpoint City
Coslab Northpoint City 
Waterway Point
YewTee Point 
Dal.Komm Coffee The Centrepoint
Dian Xiao Er Northpoint City 
Waterway Point 
Dr Kong Northpoint City
Causeway Point
hangi City Point
Dunkin' Donuts Causeway Point
orthpoint City
Waterway Point
Each a cup Bedok Point
Causeway Point
The Centrepoint
Eagle Beauty Eastpoint Mall
EduFirst Learning Centre Northpoint City
Edwin Lim Medical Aesthetic Clinic  Changi City Point
Eighteen Chefs Eastpoint Mall
Northpoint City
ewTee Point
Elements Wellness The Centrepoint
Emicakes Causeway Point 
Emtech Wellness Northpoint City
Ergoworks Causeway Point
The Centrepoint
Etude House Causeway Point
Northpoint City
EuroTex Northpoint City
Ex Style Northpoint City
Eyechamp Young Waterway Point
Famous Amos Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Fat Papas Burgers & Shakes Northpoint City
Feng Shui World Waterway Point
Finger Spa & Beauty Palace The Centrepoint
First Lady Nails & Beauty Northpoint City
Flora Springs & Party Anchorpoint
Forever Flawless The Centrepoint
Fox Kids & Baby  Causeway Point 
Changi City Point 
Fragrance Changi City Point
Northpoint City
The Centrepoint
YewTee Point
FREE Skin & Body Perfect The Centrepoint
G2000 Outlet  Changi City Point
Gadget Mix Northpoint City
Gain City Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Gintell Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Waterway Point
GNC Causeway Point
Changi City Point
Northpoint City
The Centrepoint
Waterway Point
Gong Cha Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Greendot Northpoint City
Guo Fu China Square Central
Guzman Y Gomez Northpoint City
H2 Hub Timepiece Northpoint City
Hako  Causeway Point 
Hockhua Tonic Northpoint City
HOT-STAR Large Fried Chicken Northpoint City
Hotwind Northpoint City
Huawei Northpoint City
Hush Puppies Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Hush Puppies Apparel Anchorpoint
I Love Taimei Waterway Point
i.Dental @ Yishun/ i.Medical Northpoint City
Innisfree Causeway Point
Northpoint City
IORA The Centrepoint
iTea Northpoint City
J Glasses Eastpoint Mall
Japan IPL Express Waterway Point
Jean Yip Beauty & Slimming Causeway Point 
Northpoint City
Jean Yip Hairdressing Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Joe & Dough  Northpoint City 
Just Acia Bedok Point
JW Fashion Causeway Point 
Jyunka Bedok Point
Kai Joo Optometry Eastpoint Mall
Kalo Beauty Eastpoint Mall
Northpoint City
Kappa Changi City Point
Kappa / Sergio Tacchini Northpoint City
Karva Salon For Ladies Northpoint City
Kecha  Yew Tee Point
Ken @ Hair Stage Bedok Point
Kiddy Palace Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Waterway Point
Kidzparel Waterway Point
Kimage Northpoint City
LALU  The Centrepoint
Lush Addiction Causeway Point
Luxebags Causeway Point 
Madera de Mango  Causeway Point
Melvados  Anchorpoint
Miniso Northpoint City
Mmmm! Changi City Point
Moa Tiki New Zealand Bar & Grill  Changi City Point
Molecule The Centrepoint
Monster Curry Northpoint City
aterway Point
Mr Coconut Changi City Point
Northpoint City
Waterway Point
Muchachos Frasers Tower
Muzart Learning Centre Northpoint City
Nailz Gallery Causeway Point
orthpoint City 
Nature by M.D.M. Causeway Point
Ngee Soon Jewellery Northpoint City
Novela Northpoint City
Nuodle Northpoint City
Oasis by M.d.M Causeway Point
Oasis Wet Cleaning Anchorpoint
O'Coffee Club Xpress Northpoint City
Ollie Kitchen & Bar The Centrepoint
OMU Northpoint City
Optics Premier The Centrepoint
Oriental Hair Solutions Causeway Point
Osaka Owl Northpoint City
OSIM Causeway Point
Waterway Point
OTO Northpoint City
Owndays Northpoint City 
Waterway Point 
Papparich Waterway Point
Pastamania Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Pedro Outlet Anchorpoint
Penang Culture Causeway Point 
Pierre Cardin Causeway Point
Changi City Point
Northpoint City
Pinc Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Pixie Nail Spa Northpoint City
Pizza Maru Northpoint City
Ply Baked Goods Alexandra Point
Prata Wala Northpoint City 
PrimaDeli Eastpoint Mall
Northpoint City
Purpur Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Safewell Causeway Point
Northpoint City
Sakon Thai Northpoint City
Sans & Sans The Centrepoint
Savco Causeway Point
Sciencewerks by Stalford Waterway Point
Seimpi Education The Centrepoint
Sense Northpoint City
Sharetea Premium Northpoint City
Shine Causeway Point
Shinka Northpoint City
Siamese Cat Causeway Point 
SingTel Exclusive Retailer
(Jim Communications and Electronics)
Eastpoint Mall
Smoof Frasers Tower
Snackz It! Causeway Point 
So Pho Causeway Point
Northpoint City
aterway Point
Sora The Centrepoint
Sorella Eastpoint Mall
Northpoint City
aterway Point
Soul ALife Changi City Point
Stalford Learning Centre Eastpoint Mall
orthpoint City 
Yew Tee Point 
Subway Anchorpoint
Eastpoint Mall 
Northpoint City
YewTee Point
Sun Paradise Northpoint City
Sushi Deli Northpoint City
ewTee Point
Sushi Express Northpoint City
Waterway Point
ew Tee Point
Telestation Go Wireless Northpoint City
he Centrepoint
Teppan-Yaki  Northpoint City 
The Bonia House Northpoint City
The Dental Hub YewTee Point
The Green Party Causeway Point
Northpoint City
The Manhattan Fish Market Northpoint City
The Soup Spoon Union Changi City Point
Waterway Point
The Wallet Shop Northpoint City
Tokyo Life Northpoint City
TSUJIRI The Centrepoint
Tuk Tuk Cha Waterway Point
Tuk Tuk Cha Bistro Bedok Point
Ubreakifix Northpoint City
Uncle Leong Signatures Waterway Point
Universal Traveller Northpoint City
Universal Traveller Outlet Changi City Point
Unusual Express Northpoint City
Vintage Studio Hairdressing Northpoint City
VIP Boutique Anchorpoint
Vivi Causeway Point 
Vivo Causeway Point
Wacoal Northpoint City
We Love Eastpoint Mall
Welcia BHG Northpoint City
Wolf Burgers Changi City Point
Workspace Frasers Tower
Xiang Xiang Traditional Taiwanese Cuisine Since 1916 Bedok Point
Xing Hua Lou Causeway Point 
Yayoi Japanese Restaurant

Eastpoint Mall
Northpoint City (Opening in Dec 2019)
Waterway Point

Yobo Frasers Tower
Yolé Causeway Point
Waterway Point
Young Hearts Northpoint City
Waterway Point
Your True Colours Eastpoint Mall
ZTP Causeway Point
Eastpoint Mall
Waterway Point
ZTP Ginseng & Birdnest Northpoint City
ZTP Herbal Tea Northpoint City


How to Pay with GrabPay 

Make sure you have installed the latest versions of the FRx and Grab apps on your phone, and that you have credits on your Grab e-wallet. When you are ready to make payment in-store, simply launch the FRx App and follow the instructions below!


General Terms

  1. Consumer advisory - Frasers Property Retail Management Pte. Ltd (FPRM), the holder of Frasers Property Digital Gift Card stored value facility, does not require the approval of the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Consumers (users) are advised to read the terms and conditions carefully.

  2. Purchasers are required to download the complimentary Frasers Experience (FRx) app and sign up as a FRx member to qualify for this promotion.
  3. Payment with GrabPay via the Frasers Experience (FRx) App is currently available only at participating retailers.
  4. For any further assistance, please email
Payment on GrabPay via the FRx App

  1. Only GrabPay credits are accepted for transactions through GrabPay via the FRx app. Members are required to top up their GrabPay wallet with sufficient credits before making their purchase.
  2. Payment confirmation will be reflected in the Grab app. FPRM will not be held responsible for any unsuccessful transactions due to insufficient GrabPay Credits or any other reason. For any payment related enquiries, please contact Grab Help Centre.
  3. For refund request not within the same business day of your purchase, please contact Grab Help Centre.
  1. From 11 Nov 2019 to 16 Feb 2020, only GrabPay transactions via FRx terminal at participating retailers are eligible for the $5 Digital Gift Card, 2x Frasers points and GrabRewards points.
  2. *A $5 Frasers Property Digital Gift Cards will be issued to the first 10,000 FRx members who spend a minimum of $30 via GrabPay on the FRx app at participating retailers. Limited to one transaction per member, while stocks last. Qualifying FRx members will receive an in-app notification once the Digital Gift Card is successfully added to the member’s FRx e-wallet. Frasers Property Digital Gift Cards are accepted at participating retailers ("Gift Card Participating Merchants") at the malls managed by FPRM ("Frasers Property Malls"), the full list of which may be obtained from
  3. #2x Frasers points will be issued for every GrabPay transaction on the FRx app with a minimum spend of $10.
  4. ^For more information on GrabRewards points, visit