Healthier Lunch Menu Guide
Alexandra Technopark

Healthier Lunch Menu Guide

Aglio Olio from Rocky Master

Keeping your weight in check goes hand-in-hand with managing your calorie intake and output. On average, an adult man requires about 2,200 calories a day, while an adult woman needs about 1,800 calories. But if you work in the office, you may need fewer calories than a salesman who is often on the move.

Here are some healthier lunch options you can find at ATP that contain 500 kcal or less, higher in fibre and uses less oil and sugar to help you stay fit.

1. Sando

Sando incorporates healthier alternative ingredients in their menu which lets you mix your matcha-infused buckwheat noodles with your choice of protein.

2. Rocky Master 

For your next lunch fix, try their tasty lighter, meat-free dishes like salad, grilled vegetables sandwich or spaghetti aglio olio.

3. Food Barn

Muesli with fresh berries & soy milk is a great choice for breakfast on-the-run as they come in easy grab-and-go takeaway cup. 

4. Yummi Chiffon

Craving for a sweet snack? Yummi Chiffon cakes are low in fat and sugar. They use no essence and preservative in their  soft and delicious cakes.

Yummi Chiffon

5. Food Haven Food Court

Look out for Health Promotion Board’s Healthier Choice Symbols when ordering your next meal at Food Haven. This logo represents dishes that are lower in  saturated fat and trans fat.

6. The Fruit Market

Eating plenty of fruits help reduce the risk of many diseases including heart diseases, high blood pressure, and cancers.

Pick your juice mixes or buy tropical and seasonal fruits as a sugary snack substitution! Here at The Fruit Market, you will be spoiled with choices.

The Fruit Market