ORBA Chasing Rooster Activation
The Centrepoint
  • 1 to 7 December 2019 
  • 4pm to 9pm 

What is this?

What is #ChasingRooster?
#ChasingRooster is a seven-day activity held within the Somerset Precinct where a rooster named Rooster will be dropping golden eggs exchangeable for $100 each every half an hour from 4pm to 9pm daily.
Who is Rooster and how is he related to Sqkii?
In a land far, far away, there lived a young rooster who wondered why he could not lay eggs like all his friends. The chick wondered and wondered, but could not figure it out. So, he went to ask his father. The older rooster hid his face behind the newspaper that he was reading, cleared his throat and told the young rooster to ask his mother instead. The chick did exactly that, but was quickly shooed away by his mother who was hidden behind the white sheets she was hanging out to dry. “If you really need to know, go ask your grandmother Baba.” So he did.
“…And you want to lay eggs? What a weird rooster you are. Well, if you are that determined and don’t mind the pai…cough…here, drink this!”
Many things happened; and this young chick eventually found his way to our world. His name is Rooster.
Eye-witnesses claimed that before Sqkii went missing, she has always been seen chasing after Rooster.
Eye-witnesses claimed that Sqkii had always been seen chasing after Rooster ever since their first encounter. However, after Sqkii went missing-in-action, Rooster began finding ways to chase after himself. As weird as it sounds, this makes Rooster happy.

When to play?

How long will this activity last?
From 1 December to 7 December 2019, one golden egg will be dropped every half an hour within the Somerset Precinct between 4pm to 9pm daily.

Who can play?


Who can play #ChasingRooster?
Anyone may join the activity. This includes members of the public who are non-Singaporeans.
However, there are some restrictions that exclude employees of Sqkii and their immediate family members. Likewise, employees of participating venues (313@somerset, Orchard Central, orchardgateway, The Centrepoint and The Great Christmas Village) —including cleaners, security guards, office staff, employees of tenants, operators, and vendors—are barred from partaking in this activity. In addition, the immediate family members of such employees, who have been directly involved in the conceptualisation, development, and execution of this activity are also not eligible to participate.
For those who are under the age of 18, do seek consent from your parents if you wish to participate in the activity. After all, if you are one of the winners, you would need to have your parent or legal guardian come and collect the rewards with you or on your behalf.
Can I still participate if I have already found a golden egg before?

Yes of course! You can redeem as many golden eggs as you want as long as you can find them! Good luck!

How to play?

How does the game work?
The gameplay cannot be any simpler. All you have to do is to look out for a golden egg hidden every half an hour within the Somerset Precinct. You can make use of the real-time intelligence provided by Bob on Sqkii Land™ to help pinpoint the exact location of the hidden egg.
When a golden egg is found, it may be immediately exchanged for a cash prize of $100; and another golden egg will be hidden in the next half an hour or so.
Where can I find the real-time intelligence?
Whenever Bob spotted Rooster running around, he will begin typing live messages on the whereabouts of Rooster. These messages will be prominently displayed on Sqkii Land™. You can’t possibly miss them!
How does the egg look like?

It is the size of a quail egg, golden in colour, and has the figure of a mouse engraved on it. For verification purposes, each egg will also have an engraved unique serial number. You will know it when you see it!
How many eggs are there in total?

The magic number is 49. All 49 golden eggs are exchangeable for a cash prize of $100 each.
How long do I have to wait for the next egg to drop?

That really depends on Rooster! We will not know for sure when exactly he is going to hide the egg. So, do keep your eyes peeled whenever Bob starts typing.
What happens when the egg has been found?

Bob will announce it on the same channel where he provides the real-time intelligence. Subsequently, we will have to wait for Rooster to be spotted again.
What should I do when I found the egg?

Congratulations, you lucky fellow! Now, quick—you have exactly 30 minutes to notify us of your awesome discovery. On Sqkii Land™, simply key in the serial number engraved on the egg and we will guide you from there.
Take note that if we do discover that you have failed to notify us within 30 minutes from the time of finding, your golden egg may be forfeited.

What do I not need to do?

Do I need to perform any dangerous act(s) to grab the egg?

We have designed this game such that it is easy for people of all ages to participate. The egg will be dropped at places which are highly accessible (i.e. you may reach for and obtain the egg easily).
Note that you do not have to perform any dangerous acts, including but not limited to, climbing over barriers, moving any objects, diving into water bodies, bashing any plants, digging any grounds, trespassing restricted areas, walking onto roads, etc. You get our point.
More importantly, at all times, do keep a lookout of your surroundings, conduct yourself in a responsible manner by being considerate of other members of the public, and respect other participants.
What should I do in the event of an accident or emergency?

The staff members at the information counters of each participating venue are sufficiently trained to handle such situations. In the event of an accident or emergency, do reach out to them for help.
My question hasn’t been answered by the FAQ, what can I do now?

Send us a private message on Facebook or Instagram and we will do our best to reply you as soon as possible.
Terms & Conditions for Chasing Rooster Feather Code Redemption
  1. Chasing Rooster Feather Code Redemption (“The Promotion”) held in conjunction with Chasing Rooster 2019 that is organised by Sqkii Pte Ltd (“Organiser”) is applicable for shoppers with a valid qualifying receipt of at least five (5) Singapore Dollars at 313@somerset, Orchard Central, orchardgateway, The Centrepoint, and The Great Christmas Village at *SCAPE and Grange Road Car Park (“Participating Venues”) from 1 - 7 December 2019 (“Promotion Period”).
  2. Feather codes can only be redeemed from concierge counters, information counters, customer service counters, or ticketing counters (“Redemption Counter”) located at the respective Participating Venues.
  3. Each qualifying receipt must meet the minimum spend of five (5) Singapore Dollars to entitle shopper to one (1) feather code. Further to that, the redemption must be made on the same date as the receipt of the purchase and limited to twenty (20) receipts per shopper per day, regardless of amount spent.
  4. For avoidance of doubt, the quantity of feather code(s) issued to a shopper will be based on the number of qualifying receipt(s) presented at the respective Redemption Counter. Shoppers may only present receipts made at Participating Venue where the redemption is being made. In other words, receipts made at The Great Christmas Village cannot be redeemed at the Redemption Counter of 313@somerset.
  5. Feather codes that have been issued are non-exchangeable and are only valid during the Promotion Period. Each feather code can only be used once on Sqkii Land and the code cannot be replaced if it is lost or stolen.
  6. The Organiser and Participating Venues reserve the right to disqualify or reject any shopper deemed ineligible for The Promotion.
  7. Information is correct at time of printing and subjected to change without prior notice. Other terms and conditions apply.
  8. For further enquiries, please contact the Organiser through its social media channels or send an email to team@sqkii.com.