Watches are classic accessories that have stood the test of time – even as we live in the digital age, they remain an essential part of a man’s style and an expression of his personality. If you’re looking for a quality timepiece that will last for years to come, or if you’re buying a watch for a special man in your life (Father’s Day is coming up soon), check out these timeless watches for him! Plus, learn the two main watch movements that can help you choose a suitable timepiece.

Tick tock: Two Types of Movements

If you’ve heard watch aficionados wax lyrical about the different watch movements but have no idea what that means, they are simply referring to the ‘engine’ that keeps your watch running. Here’s a crash course on the two main watch movements:


Mechanical watches are powered by springs, which turn gears that cause the hands of a watch to move. They are either self-winding or automatic. Watches with a self-winding movement have to be hand-wound daily. On the other hand, automatic watches are powered by the motion of the wearer’s wrist, so you don’t have to constantly wind them. However, if you don’t wear it regularly, do wind it at least once a week to keep the watch gears moving.

Mechanical watches have recently made a comeback over the last decade, charming watch-lovers with their intricate mechanisms and timelessness.


Powered by easily-replaced batteries, the advent of Quartz watches in the 1970s shook up the watch industry as it became the hassle-free alternative to mechanical watches. Quartz refers to a commonly found mineral that is used as a turning device in watches. Being accurate, reliable and often inexpensive, the Quartz movement is used in most watches that we wear today – be it analog or digital watches.

Our Top 8 Watch Picks

A timeless watch is an accessory that you’d love to wear for a long time because of its style, function and durability. Here are 8 must-have watches that we’ve hand-picked based on their price point, style and quality.

Dress Watches

A dress watch is a style necessity for every guy and a worthwhile investment – think of it as that one go-to piece for any formal function or something you can wear to work every day.

1. Aries Gold El Toro

Hailing from an established home-grown brand that has achieved international success, the Aries Gold El Toro is an automatic timepiece that runs on the Japanese Miyota 82S0 movement. With a skeletonised dial design that showcases the watch’s gears, this piece exudes a raw charm with a classic quality. Perfect for the suave someone with a surprising edge.
The Aries Gold El Toro, $614, available at H2 Hub at Northpoint City.

2. WULF Lycan WF03.02

A clean, elegant design is the key to timelessness. This Swiss-made piece stands out for its classic yet trendy aesthetic that can go perfectly with a suit or a shirt-and-chinos ensemble. It also features a self-winding movement with a 42-hour power reserve.

The WULF Lycan WF03.02, $1068, available at H2 Hub at Northpoint City.

3. SEIKO Premier SNP146P1

Not your typical dress watch, this is a sophisticated piece with a gritty flair. Featuring a calendar and even a leap-year tracker, its oversized dial perfectly complements the bold knob and frame. Running on a unique Kinetic movement, this watch powers up through motion like an automatic watch, but has a Quartz timekeeping mechanism. With a 10-bar water resistance level, this is an ideal choice for the adventurer, seamlessly taking you from the boardroom to a snorkelling expedition in style.

The SEIKO Premier SNP146P1, $1364, available at H2 Hub at Northpoint City.

Casual Watches

From dress-down days to days where you can express yourself freely, the weekends are for unwinding and letting loose while looking sharp. Show up for play in style with these timepieces.

4. Aries Gold Urban G 1007 BK-BK

When you’re all set for a laid-back weekend and don’t want to fuss too much about dressing up, this watch will be that trusty yet versatile style staple. With an understated watch dial and a simple two-hand movement, this Quartz-run piece will be your perfect companion for a weekend errand, coffee date, or a catch-up with the guys over drinks.

The Aries Gold Urban G 1007 BK-BK, $228, available at H2 Hub at Northpoint City.

5. Solvil Titus W06-03080-004

Muted earth tones meet a clean design in this piece by Solvil Titus, an established Swiss-founded brand that’s currently based in Hong Kong. Quartz-run, this watch includes day and date indicators displayed on the dial in an uncomplicated fashion. The fun part is, this watch is one half of a couple collection by Solvil Titus. The W06-03081-004 is the matching model for ladies and looks almost identical except for its lighter brown strap. So, ladies, here’s your chance to pamper your man while giving yourself a treat too! The best part? These watches are so elegant, you can go matchy-matchy with your sweetheart without being sheepish about it.

The Solvil Titus W06-03080-004, $415, available at City Chain at Causeway Point, Northpoint City and Waterway Point.

Exclusively for Solvil Titus watches only, enjoy 15% off with a 1-piece purchase and an additional 10% the total bill when you purchase 2 pieces or more. Only valid for in-store purchases. Terms and conditions apply.


An outstanding piece in terms of form and function, the GMW-B5000 is a tribute to the brand’s first G-SHOCK watch in 1983. While retaining its predecessor’s iconic square case, this is the first of the 5000 series with a full-metal construction. This means a bolder look, along with an upgraded shock resistance due to fine resin shock absorbers between the metal bezel and case. It also boasts advanced features such as a solar-powered battery, smartphone link functions and plenty more. Sounds like a dream come true for the rugged guy who loves being ahead of trends.

The GMW-B5000TFG, $949, is currently sold out due to popular demand. For interest on the GMW-B5000D-1, $799, drop by G-Factory at Waterway Point to leave your name and details!

Smart Watches

Smart watches can be seen as watches of the future – though not replacing traditional watches, they will be here to stay as technology constantly evolves. Starting out as sports companions to track fitness, smart watches now include many convenient functions such as text and email alerts. And as the smart watch market grows with new brands, models and upgraded features, we can enjoy more choices that meet more niche demands.

7. Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

With a sleek design and great interface, the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is a great device for serious runners. Besides advanced running dynamics and performance monitoring tools, this watch also features an on-device music storage and contactless payment through Garmin Pay that’s linked up with OCBC. A huge plus is that it is light on the wrist and incredibly comfortable, making it suitable for swimming as well.

The Garmin Forerunner 645 Music is available at the COURTS online store and all COURTS outlets island-wide, including Causeway Point.

8. Fitbit Versa

Stay on top of your fitness journey with the Fitbit Versa. While featuring a classic, minimalist aesthetic, this device packs a punch with its wide range of fitness and health tracking features. Along with tracking your activities and workouts, this watch can also track your heartrate, your quality of sleep, and also guide you in personalised breathing sessions.

The Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Black Aluminium, $318, available at Harvey Norman at Bedok Point and Northpoint City.

With that, hope you’ll have fun picking out a timepiece for yourself or as a gift. Plus, the Great Singapore Sale is coming up, so it’s the best time to go shopping!