Give the Gift of Comfort With These 5 OSIM Products

A massage chair is a luxurious gift which will also continuously bring relief to tired muscles and ultimate rejuvenation, long after Christmas.

Aside from being the most exciting season, Christmas can also be the busiest for some people. Countless errands need to be done — there is the shopping, decorating, planning and so much more. Add that to our busy work schedules and some might just find it too stressful to enjoy the rush of the holiday season.
This Christmas, coax a sigh of relief from your loved ones with the gift of massage. Nothing says you care about their well-being more than giving them something that will help them manage their stress away. 
Consider these five body-pampering gift ideas from OSIM that provide the ultimate relaxation, and make for great gifts that keep on giving.

 DIY Massage Chair

 OSIM’s lets you do-it-yourself with its innovative take on the revered “massage chair”. 
You see and hear the acronym "DIY" everywhere, and you probably already know what it stands for: "do it yourself." It's a pretty straightforward-sounding concept. But "DIY" might conjure up totally different images for different people, because really, it can be about so many things. 
For OSIM, “DIY” means having the power to turn any chair into a massage chair. The result? The DIY Massage Chair which is one of the most versatile and innovative massage chairs out there. It does this without sacrificing on function. The DIY Massage Chair is designed to provide you with an increase in endorphin levels. It will not only relax your muscles, it will relax your mind as well. 
The OSIM DIY Massage Chair has four adjustable modes that offer a more targeted massage as you personalise the chair according to your height and sitting position. It comes with OSIM uJolly 2 Full Back Massager, an upgraded version with new and improved Dual-Action Press-Grip that delivers a more realistic and intense massage effect that reaches deeper into your muscles. There is also a 31-degree angle adjustment feature that is specially designed for extended neck and shoulder coverage to release tension and stubborn deep-seated knots.
For the lower part of the body, the uSqueez 2 Leg Massager has massage rollers and nodes that target reflex zones in the leg, from feet to thighs. By targeting these reflex zones, the uSqueez 2 massage rollers help to improve blood flow and increase fluid movement to detox your body, helping to release endorphins and improve overall health.
A crowd favourite, massage anytime and anywhere with OSIM’s DIY Massage Chair from just $27 per month*.

Predator x OSIM Gaming Massage Chair 

The Predator x OSIM Gaming Massage Chair x OSIM is a plush, comfortable chair that is perfect for the burgeoning gamer in your life.
If you are looking to add more comfort to your loved one’s gaming environment, a good gaming chair is crucial for playing. The best massage gaming chair can ensure perfect gaming sessions as it will relax the gamer and remove any stress caused by back pain as well as from the game itself. Enter the recently launched Predator x OSIM Gaming Massage Chair!
The Predator x OSIM Gaming Massage Chair reclines back by up to 145 degrees and has two sets of massage rollers surrounding the spine. Three preset massage programs also focus on the neck and shoulder, as well as lumbar via a setting called Energise. If you’ve got a particular ache, you can program a targeted massage that focuses on a single area. Meanwhile, the back rollers are able to hit six different positions across gamers’ shoulders. Apart from the massage functions, the Predator x OSIM Gaming Massage Chair also comes with built-in Bluetooth speakers and an embedded control panel on the right armrest. 
Besides being the ultimate gamer's dream, the Predator x OSIM Gaming Massage Chair (priced at $25 per month*) is perfect for anyone who spends most of the day sedentary in front of a computer, for work or play. Whether you’re in the office or gaming, hit the recline lever, kick back, and drift off to the soothing motion of one the most comfortable desk chairs available today.

uDivine V Massage Chair

For a head-toe massage you won’t forget, get comfortable in OSIM’s uDivine V Massage Chair. 

A quick fix to a long tiring day, the uDivine V Massage Chair is the perfect replacement for an appointment with a masseuse without actually having to go anywhere. The chair uses OSIM’s V-Hand technology that is said to be able to simulate the precise hand movements of an experienced masseuse. It also features 720-degree roller balls that rotate 360 degrees in both directions, rolling along every contour of the body to ensure the smoothest massage.
The uDivine V Massage Chair ($111 per month*) comes with a wide range of massage programs to choose from. Enjoy a comprehensive and dynamic massage experience with its 4-Hand Massage feature 2 sets of powerful massage rollers that stimulate two professional masseuses, pampering your upper and lower body at the same time!

To cater to different lifestyles as well as evolving massage needs, this intelligent massage chair comes with a suite of massage programs designed for the whole family. Furthermore, you can elevate your massage experience and download the latest massage programs from the uDivine V App, with programs covering whole body wellness from head-to-toe gentle pampering before sleep, to intense deep tissue massage to relieve body tension and knots.

This holiday season, step into the world of state-of-the-art massage chairs that are expertly designed to replicate the techniques of massage professionals.

uDream Well-Being Chair

The uDream Well-Being Chair is touted to be the world’s first well-being chair that relaxes all of your five senses according to your tension level.

If you’re looking to surprise a loved one who happens to be a massage chair connoisseur, then you’ll need to step up your game. Give them a multi-sensory relaxation experience with OSIM’s  uDream Well-Being Chair to lull them into a deep state of relaxation.
The OSIM uDream Well-Being Chair engages all five senses at once to stimulate natural healing by providing all-round relaxation. 
Inspired by the aurora borealis and colour therapy, you can set the Mood Light to create the ambience you need to relax, energise or focus your mind. Play your favourite tunes, kick back and enjoy the 3D Surround Sound enveloping effect from the in-built speakers that tilt 45 degrees towards you for an immersive audio experience. Take pleasure in OSIM’s cutting-edge massage technologies, such as the patented V-hand Pro Massage, Power-Hips Massage and 4-Hand Pro Massage to release tension in your entire body.
That’s not all. Amazingly, the OSIM uDream Well-Being Chair is the world’s first well-being chair with built-in DreamScentAroma Pods! Aromatherapy is known to have the ability to alleviate feelings of anxiety and lower stress levels. Choose your preferred calming scent such as lavender, and stimulate your sense of smell in each uDream experience.
What’s more, the uDream chair ($225 per month*) has incorporated the latest electrocardiogram technology and AI-powered biometric algorithm into its Body Tension BioSensors. These sensors can accurately pick up your body’s tension signals and interpret how stressed you are into easy-to-understand Body Tension Scores. The personalised technology gives you insights into your stress levels on a daily, monthly or even yearly basis so that you can effectively adapt and manage your well-being.

uSnooz Massage Wrap (Tsum Tsum Limited Edition)

 Snuggle with your favourite Disney Tsum Tsum characters with OSIM’s uSnooz Massage Wrap.

With more than 70 million downloads worldwide, Disney Tsum Tsum is one of the most popular games in the world. Newly launched, this cuddly massage on-the-go will bring a smile to your loved one especially if they love Disney Tsum Tsum characters.  
The OSIM uSnooz Massage Wrap (Tsum Tsum Limited Edition) features plush ultra-soft microfiber fabric, and comes in three vibration massage levels (low, high, auto) with a USB cable included in the zip compartment for convenient charging. Not just a snug hug for your neck, the wrap can also be used to soothe your lower back or energise tired legs. There are four designs available that feature the iconic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Chip and Dale, Elsa and Olaf, and Donald Duck and Daisy Duck!
This christmas, lull yourself to sleep with the OSIM uSnooz Massage Wrap (Tsum Tsum Limited Edition)’s gentle vibrations or cuddle it around the Christmas tree for the ultimate feeling of cosiness. Massage and cuddle your way into the heart of your dearest one with this thoughtful and practical gift at just $129 (U.P. $169)!
With everyone's busy schedules, giving someone encouragement to make time for themselves to unwind is always a welcome gift! Help your family and friends put themselves first for a change to invest in their well-being with these trusted OSIM products. 
*Based on a 36 months instalment payment plan.