JustCo’s Smart Centre Is Smarter Than You Think!

Located at The Centrepoint, this is the latest outpost of the sophisticated flexible workspace brand, JustCo.

There is no denying the growing demand for smart digital work spaces in today’s new normal. Now, with all the tech innovations that have been going on and with the way tech companies are setting the bar, you must be wondering: What is the Future of Work? Well, JustCo, the leading co-working company in Asia Pacific, provides a glimpse of how the workplace of tomorrow looks like, as it continues to reshape the Future of Work.
Located at The Centrepoint, JustCo’s digital Future of Work platform is the first office of its kind in the heart of town along Orchard Road. Spanning three levels, this workspace has upped the ante by incorporating innovative workspace technologies for JustCo members to enjoy a holistic work experience. Read on to find out what exciting new features await!

Look Ma, no card!

Whether it’s a facial recognition turnstile at the entrance or a multi-functional mobile app, JustCo assures its members with a hassle-free experience.
From unlocking your phone to going through airport security, facial recognition technology has been integrated seamlessly into our everyday lives. For added security and convenience, JustCo at The Centrepoint has implemented the use of facial recognition and card-free access via Bluetooth capability as the main form of identification. 
Unlike access cards or fingerprints, there is no physical contact required. This allows members to enjoy a safe and seamless verification experience, by minimising physical touchpoints and without having to worry about losing their access cards! As an added safety feature, the facial recognition turnstiles are also designed to detect if members are wearing their face masks, in order to permit them entry. With this fast and automatic identification feature, you can have a greater peace of mind while focusing on getting work done.

Keeping a safe distance

JustCo’s innovative tech-driven ecosystem provides flexible and on-demand workspace solutions to support convenience, functionality and well-being.
JustCo at The Centrepoint has piloted a spatial analytics technology with SixSense, a company that leverages artificial intelligence to deploy effective space usage management. SixSense allows JustCo to retrieve real-time occupancy data, monitor usage frequency of its spaces and receive overcrowding alerts to ensure social distancing measures are adhered to. This helps JustCo better manage community areas while also helping JustCo members avoid potentially overcrowded community areas. It’s a win-win solution!
If there is any area that has become over-crowded, JustCo’s Community Managers will receive automated notifications, allowing them to then promptly disperse crowds. Furthermore, JustCo members can monitor space usage themselves by using the new feature on the JustCo app that shows real-time status of any crowding in the main community area. This will save you a trip down to an area that may have already reached the maximum quota.
Benefitting all JustCo members over time, the spatial analytics data provided by SixSense will help JustCo to optimise its space design and layout. 

Switching it up

For folks looking for short-term, flexible, and productive workspaces — without having to commit to long-term leases or contracts. Enter Switch. 

We may sometimes find ourselves in need of a conducive workspace for a short period of time. It could be just 20 minutes needed to catch up on some emails or make quick edits to a presentation. Enter Switch. JustCo has partnered with Switch (owned and operated by REinvent — Asia’s first PropTech Innovation Studio, and is backed by JustCo) to launch the world’s first workspace on-demand platform that charges by the minute. 
Available at 12 JustCo centres in the CBD, and nine Malls of Frasers Property, choose where to work for however long you want. Switch workspaces within shopping malls will come in the form of a Switch Booth. Users have the option of either one-person or four-person versions, and can easily search for availability, check in and out through a smart door lock, and be billed digitally via the Switch App.
The Switch Booth boasts a private full size work desk, a Steelcase brand office chair, sound proofing, air ventilation, secure Wi-Fi, electric socket with USB charger, and a Bluetooth speaker. The best part? Pay for exactly what you need, by the minute. Maximise your productivity and work in comfort without having to worry about hidden fees.
For those keen on trying out this revolutionary work solution, receive a complimentary one-day Switch pass when you purchase a beverage at Ratio Café and Lounge, located at JustCo at The Centrepoint.

Grab a coffee and a byte

Order and pay for coffee via your smartphone and watch as a robot arm grinds the beans,
pumps shots of espresso, for your perfect cup of joe. 

Indulge in delicious coffee and cocktails made by robot arms in this futuristic hot spot. 
Powered by robotics and artificial intelligence, Ratio Café and Lounge located at JustCo is a café by day and cocktail bar by night. Its menu is vast, with more than 50 drinks available. As the name of the café suggests, all beverages are made with pre-programmed ratios, thus you can expect your concoction to be made with a high level of precision and consistency. There is also food available (made by humans) if you’re feeling peckish!
Custom crafted drinks can also be tailored according to each customer’s chosen ratio of ingredients. Want 20% less milk in your coffee? Sure. More bitters in your Negroni? Done! Apart from the traditional way of ordering at the cashier, you can opt to use the self-ordering kiosks or the Ratio app. With the app, skip the queue by placing your order before heading down for your perk-me-up.
More and more organisations are investing the time, money and energy to create jaw-dropping spaces. But these spaces need to have a lot more than just pretty interiors. JustCo’s first smart centre at The Centrepoint is a step into the future of co-working solutions enabled by technology, creating immersive and memorable experiences for those looking for a hassle-free work routine with added perks. 
What is the Future of Work? Experience it first-hand at JustCo located at The Centrepoint.