Tired of being unable to fall asleep at night? It’s time to get your beauty sleep back on track by giving your crib a makeover and changing your nighttime habits.

Check out these tips that’ll help you stay cool and well-rested at night, so you can sleep like a baby!

1. Invest in a new mattress

If you find yourself perspiring at night and waking up to neck and shoulder aches, it’s time to chuck out that shapeless and stuffy mattress.

A good night’s rest is priceless. So, invest in a premium quality mattress that’s optimally designed to provide your body with comfort and keep you cool. The Omazz Ferme Plush mattress has two layers of authentic Talatechâ„¢ latex that will give your entire body firm support. Its latex material will also remain cool throughout the night and has pinholes to promote good air circulation.Also, check out the Italy-imported Dorsal Elisir 3000 mattress that contains heat-regulating Mousse Gel in between mattress layers, helping to disperse heat and allowing the mattress to adapt to the unique contours of your body.Get the Omazz Ferme Plush mattress and the Dorsal Elisir 3000 mattress from Lotus Sleep Studio.

2. Get breathable bed sheets

Bed sheets that are made from natural fibers are breathable so this will keep your body cool as you sleep. Personally, we’re swooning over the gorgeous Epitex 100{8f42e3536fa1e6f87f919a2e387db08d813e1f513d4d1296def18f34bd27beb4} Tencel bed sheets that are designed to be super comfy and eco-friendly. Made up of naturally extracted wood that is spun into yarns and woven into textiles, these sheets are more absorbent than cotton, feel even softer than silk and are cooler than linen. The only downside is that with sheets this great, getting out of bed would be a real challenge!

Get Epitex 100{8f42e3536fa1e6f87f919a2e387db08d813e1f513d4d1296def18f34bd27beb4} Tencel bed sheets from Linen Gallery.We also love the Omazz Tencel bed linen that’s produced from natural Cellulose fibre through Nano-technology, and feel as smooth as silk. Its unique material allows it to absorb even more moisture than cotton, giving you luxurious comfort and a cool night’s rest.

Pro-tip: Choose lightweight and light-coloured fabrics for your bedsheets as they will absorb less heat.

Get the Omazz Tencel Bedlinen from Lotus Sleep Studio.

3. Wear comfortable sleepwear

Don loose and flowy fabrics to sleep and make sure that you’re not wearing bottoms with tight elastic bands. If you’re the sort who loves to wear old school jerseys to sleep, why not change it up and get brand new jammies from Cotton On’s absolutely chic and comfy nightwear range! There’s nothing wrong with looking cute 24/7!

Find a fab range of nightwear from Cotton On.

4. Let the natural breeze in

Nothing beats the feeling of fresh air on your skin. So, open your windows and let the natural breeze in to keep your room well-ventilated.

5. Cool off with a fan

Instead of blasting the air-conditioner all night, using a fan is more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient. Also, it won’t dry out your skin during the night. Installing a good ceiling fan is a space-saving option that will ensure an even air circulation in your room. On the other hand, if you have a standing fan, you can still get an even air circulation by having the fan face towards an open window; this blows warm air out from your room so that the cooler outdoor breeze can come in.

Pro-tip: Get a bowl filled with ice cubes and place it in front of the fan. This will help to disperse cool air in the room.

Get electric fans from Courts, Best Denki and Harvey Norman.

6. Unplug unused appliances

Unused electrical appliances can produce unwanted heat, so remember to unplug your gadgets before you go to sleep! Charging your phone overnight may also cause it to wear out in the long run.

Also, try to avoid using gadgets at least half an hour before you hit the sack and wind down with a book or some music. The light from the electronic screens is a stimulant that could keep you up at night.

7. Take a shower

Lower your body temperature with a warm, relaxing shower at least an hour and a half before going to bed. This gives your body the chance to cool down and be ready for sleep.

8. Cool down after your evening workout

If you like working out in the evenings, make sure you don’t sleep right away after your workout. When you exercise, your body temperature rises and the stress hormone, Cortisol is also released. This blocks the production of the sleep-triggering hormone, Melatonin. So, cool down with some meditation exercises or do gentle yoga poses that will relax your mind and body.

Pro-tip: After exercising, wait for an hour or two before you go to bed so that your body temperature falls back to normal.

9. Portion-control your meals

Who doesn’t crave for a scrumptious dinner feast? But while satisfying, eating a heavy meal that’s close to your bedtime can overwork your digestive system, making it difficult for you to sleep. Lying down with a large amount of undigested food can also be uncomfortable. So, eat in moderation at least two to three hours before bedtime.

10. Get a cooling essential oil diffuser

Essential oils are a fantastic heat-relieving solution that will make your room feel like a tranquil sanctuary. Oils like Peppermint, Citrus, Eucalyptus or Lemongrass have delightful aromas and cooling properties that will definitely put you in a snuggly mood and have you sleeping like a baby. Plus, they are made of 100{8f42e3536fa1e6f87f919a2e387db08d813e1f513d4d1296def18f34bd27beb4} natural ingredients!

Get natural essential oil diffusers from BsaB.With these tips, start freshening up your room and cultivating positive nighttime habits that’ll get you all set for a good night’s rest! Then you can sleep like a baby in no time!